• What is drw2asm?

    Drw2asm is a program to convert graphical files in LBM or pcx format to Assembly.

  • History  

    If you want to use graphics in your program you can always load a file, this has some rejections. Your program uses several files, and anyone can modify these files...

    I used to translate LBM file to Assembly with a BASIC program (LBM2_4.bas) written by my brother Jan Wagemakers, this was very slow. I've used LBM2_4.bas in LBMdraw a never finished and useless drawing program.

    So I decide to write lbm2asm this was much faster than LBM2_4.bas, because it was written in Assembly. Lbm2asm is used in dkopie a floppydisk copier, more information about dkopie can be found at: http://www.janwagemakers.be

    Because LBM (IFF) is an Amiga graphical format it isn't widely supported by PC drawing programs. This is the reason why I've created drw2asm.

  • License  

    Drw2asm is published under GNU General Public License, see LICENSE for more information.

  • Files in drw2asm.zip

    drw2asm.exe : the executable
    \example : example prg that uses drw2asm. Type !demo to compile (tasm needed).
    \source : the source type !drw2asm to compile
    \lbmdraw : useless drawing program.
  • How to use drw2asm

    To translate a drawing to Assembly:

    drw2asm drawing.pcx prg.asm public parameter

    This create prg.asm you're able to compile this source, and link the object code to your program.

    See \example for more information.

    With drw2asm you can store the pallet information, just add the option "k" at the END of the command-line.

    drw2asm drawing.pcx color.asm public_parameter k

    See \example for more information.

  • Last words...

    This is probably the last version :-(
    Feel free to complete this program in the future.

    When you find "drw2asm" useful (or useless), have suggestions, find a bug :-( you may let me know.

    Please ignore my poor English.